Prices of translation services

Number of characters in the translation

Upon fixing the prices of translation services according to the European Union standards translation project managers of the translation office “RĪGA TULKO JUMS” follow the so-called defined or normative page (drawn up according to the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia) which contains 1800 characters.

Determination of the number of pages

A standard number of pages is calculated by giving the command Word Count in the Word editor program and counting the characters with spaces and paragraphs. Thereby, the total number of characters is calculated in the translated text. A substantiation of this principle is is a translator’s work which may be physically “measured” according to the key touches of the computer keyboard. The particular number of pages is obtained by dividing the total number of characters of the text with 1800. This is the translation volume which is expressed in the defined (or standard) pages.

Payment for an incomplete page

If the total volume of the translation is less than 1800 characters, the payment is determined in the value of one page (except standard documents).

Urgent translation

An additional payment is provided for performing urgent translations (not more than ~10 pages per day) up to 50 % of the translation price (on the basis on an agreement).

The languages whose volume may not be determined.

If it is not possible to calculate an exact number of characters of the text submitted for translation at the moment of acceptance of the order, we forecast their number and set an exact price according to the number of characters in the translation text which may be determined with the help of the function Word Count.

Translations and sworn notary certifications

If you need translations with a sworn notary certification, an ORIGINAL of the document shall be presented to a notary. Translations are sewn to the originals of documents or their copies. A sworn notary may certify copies of documents and translations of documents.

The offer of the translation office ”RĪGA TULKO JUMS’’ contains translations for reasonable prices and profitable discounts depending on the volume of the text and number of orders!