Written translations

The range of our services includes:

  • Written translations of medical and technical texts.
  • Written translations of legal documents.
  • Written translations of educational documents.
  • Written translations of the texts in the construction field.
  • Written translations of the home page content.
  • Written translations of product descriptions.
  • Written translations of advertising texts.
  • Written translations of procurement documentation.
  • Etc.

Translations and Law

Translations of texts in such fields as law, medicine, information technologies, construction, finance, industry, production, etc., require specific knowledge in the particular field, as well as knowledge of a particular foreign language. The translation office “RĪGA TULKO JUMS” will provide your translations made by the interpreters and translators having experience of several years in translation of the texts of the particular field. In order to provide high quality translation, professional correctors and editors will also review the ready translation.

We will provide high quality and accurate translations of the following legal documents:

Translations of contracts, translations of agreements, translations of powers of attorney, translations of certificates, translations of customs documentation, translations of court decisions, translations of judgments, translations of statements of different registers, translations of licences, translations of insurance documents, translations of articles of association, translations of reports, translations of decisions, translations of regulatory enactments, translations of legal opinions, translation of private correspondence, etc.

Translation in the field of economics and finance

If you need a translation of documents in the field of economics and finance, translation project managers of the translation office “RĪGA TULKO JUMS” understand that specific terminology of the field must be used in such type of translations.

The translation office will provide accurate and confidential translation of the following documents and texts for you:

Translations of accounting and financial reports, translations of banking documents, translations of auditors’ opinions, translation of accounting and auditing legal acts, translation of business plans, translation of the company report, translation of the analytical report, translation of transport and customs documentation, translation of certificates, etc.

Translation in the field of technics and production

Translation must be made by a specialist of the relevant technical field with practical experience and knowledge who has a good command not only of the target language, but also terminology of the field so that it was possible to install, use and maintain the equipment correctly according to the translation of your technical text.

Our translation office has successfully performed the following translations:

Translation of an assembly, maintenance and repair manual, translation of an equipment and materials catalogue, translation of a technical certificate, translation of a specification, translation of a user manual, translation of an assembly scheme, translation of a technical process description, translation of technical standards, translation of standards and regulations, translation of a safety engineering manual, translation of a job description, translation of regulatory and designing documentation, translation of a presentation, translation of technical tasks, translation of drawings, translation of technical and economic feasibility study, translation of scientific publications, translation of a technological map, etc.

Translation in the field of medicine

Interpreters and translators of the translation office ”RĪGA TULKO JUMS’’ are competent and experienced specialists in translation ofmedical documents:

Translations of clinical examinations, translations of examination results, translation of a medical statement, translation of an epicrisis, translation of medical history, translation of an excerpt, translations of the usage instructions of medical preparations, translations of scientific articles, translations of monographies, translation of medical statement catalogue, translation of a manual, translations of teaching materials, translation of the documentation of medical sources, translation of the medical opinion, translation of an opinion, translation of an annotation, translation of recommendations to patients, translation of the medical equipment documentation, translation of the materials of medical conferences, translation of conference materials, etc.

Translation in the field of advertising

Taking the advertising opportunitiesmay guarantee greater success for your company. Advertising materials is an essential development element of the company. Translation of such materials requires a creative approach,an advertising intention should be maintained for the translation,as well as successful result should be provided so that the translation of advertising materials addressed target audience of consumers of other countries, as well.

You may order translations of the following materials in our translation office:

Translations of informative booklets, translations of leaflets, translation of a home page, translation of a business card, translation of a poster, translation of an advertisement, translation of a newspaper, translation of a television channel information content , translation of a magazine, translation of a catalogue, translation of an advertising text, etc.

Translation of a home page

A home page of the company is your business card which provides an idea about your company and fields of its activity to a potential customer or cooperation partner. A high quality translation of the home page may facilitate your success. Thereby, you may address consumers and cooperation partners of other countries, as well as inform the local audience of the international nature of your business.

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