Oral translations

The success of each international project or event depends on the success of interpreting. The oral translations will help you to reach an agreement in business negotiations by the agency of its staff and interpreters, we will take care of understanding and proper treatment of your presentations in international conferences, we will make participation of your company in international exhibitions more effective. You may order consecutive, simultaneous or whispered translation of negotiation, event, conference, excursion, presentation, consultation of specialists, etc.


an interpreter interprets simultaneously with your speech. By using such a type of interpreting translations are selected forlarge international conferences.

Consecutive interpreting:

an interpreter interprets immediately after your speech, interpreting is made by using pauses in the spoken text.

Whispered interpreting:

an interpreter interprets by whispering only to you or some particular small group of persons so that not to disturb the event and other participants of the event.

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