About translation agency


“RĪGA TULKO JUMS” translation agency is a company which provides a wide range of translation services. The relation to the capital of Latvia is reflected in the logo and name of the company. The company provides translation services remotely at the international level without losing its Latvian spirit which is included in the brand. The translation agency provides services to physical persons, legal persons and public authorities, it has a stable leading position among the Latvian translation service providers and has obtained particular international popularity.

Goals of “RĪGA TULKO JUMS” translation agency:

  • To be a recognized, creative, dynamic company oriented on development having a stable position among the leading Latvian translation offices, with high quality and customer service standards, wide circle of corporate customers and cooperation partners in Latvia and foreign countries by providing services to private persons, legal persons and public authorities.
  • To be oriented on social responsibility, involve young specialists in the work and practice of the field, ensure reduction in the unemployment rate and provide improvement opportunities of professional skills by acquiring languages and translation-related skills.To provide apprenticeship or traineeship opportunities for students.
  • To be responsible, safe and loyal service provider, employer and cooperation partner. To treat all customers, employees of the company or service providers responsibly and with respect. To ensure constant improvement of the professional skills of the staff and confirm that with the quality certificates obtained by the company. To develop corporate culture of the company by celebrating holidays, achievements of the company and congratulating the employees on their birthday. To provide support to the staff and cooperation partners in difficult life situations.
  • To establish a special corporate customer service department in order to pay special attention to usual customers of the company, provide personalized service, make surprise on holidays, prepare special campaigns and organize joint events.
  • To develop marketing activities in order to popularize brand awareness in Latvia and foreign countries by attracting new customers and increasing turnover of the company. To participate in international exhibitions. To advertise actively on the websites and press related to the field.
  • To improve and standardize the quality control and customer service system in order to develop successful activity of the company in other cities and towns of Latvia.
  • To develop the legal service provision department in order to differentiate the supply and increase the turnover without splitting the company activity and maintaining interrelation and quality of the provided services.


“RĪGA TULKO JUMS”is a socially responsible, international translation agency having a friendly, loyal, professional and united team which provides high quality, legally considered and nuanced translation and legal services according to the specific character of the field by recommending and helping every customer to implement the most suitable solution, creating a wish for the customer to share positive feedback and use the company services again.

The main value of “RĪGA TULKO JUMS” is friendly, responsible and efficient communication of people.

“Our life partially depends on our efforts to make it better.

The second part is the friends whom we choose.’’ Let us be friends!



Project managers who work in pleasant, motivating and safe environment oriented to development and cooperate with well-known, skilled and reliable specialists of the field provide high quality services which meet the customers’ requirements. The services are provided for the previously known prices corresponding to the work complexity and reasonable for a customer and performed within the agreed deadline. Fulfilment of the obligations and information confidentiality is stipulated in the Cooperation and confidentiality contract.


“RĪGA TULKO JUMS” is a correct and responsible company in relation to its staff, cooperation partners and customers which fulfills its obligations by observing the confidentiality policy, translation quality and customer service standards. The company values its reputation, as well as the reputation of its customers. The socially responsible attitude of the company manifests itself in training of the young specialists and staff of the field by providing work and apprenticeship opportunities, reducing the unemployment rate  and promoting the youth integration in the labour market.


Project managers of “RĪGA TULKO JUMS” actively search for solutions in non-standard situations and find them by providing a personal and flexible approach to the customers’ questions. Every customer is a value of the company!


“RĪGA TULKO JUMS” is a loyal company for its cooperation partners, customers and staff. The management of “RĪGA TULKO JUMS” appreciates the loyalty towards the company.


The team of “RĪGA TULKO JUMS” works as a united team by understanding the goals, vision, values of the company, as well as the company policy oriented to excellent customer service. The staff of the team cooperate and provide support to each other. The staff jointly welcomes the young employees, trainees and cooperation partners in the team by providing the necessary support and giving advice, as well as acquainting them with the internal activity and traditions of the company and forms a united and friendly team.

The goal of SIA “RĪGA TULKO JUMS” is to be with you always!